The Speaker

Mr. Tim Swain has toured the nation and overseas speaking to diverse audiences up to 5000
on various topics including leadership and utilizing your gifts. His dynamic presentations keep
audiences on the edge of their seats and walking away with empowering, impactful messages
applicable in many arenas of life. His passion to see people’s lives changed, sincere desire
to help others reach their goals makes him an in demand speaker for diverse engagements.
His work in higher education, Master’s of Education and years of experience as a student
development specialist makes him a qualified and knowledgeable authority on student success.
He is perfect for student leadership conferences, diversity trainings, staff seminars and student
success workshops.

Workshops and Seminars

Colleges and Universities

You Got Served: Learning to Lead through Servant Leadership

Power of One: Becoming Mission in Action

Innovative Ways of Exploring Ethnic Identity Development and Implications for Classroom Content

Honor Courage and Commitment: Becoming a Leader of Integrity

From the Classroom to the Boardroom: 10 Myths about Marketing Yourself in the Job Market

The Absolutely, Positively Best Workshop that has Anything to do with Everything about Building Healthy Relationships

Student Success and Development

Student Development: Applying a Theoretical Approach to Student Engagement and Success

Transition Theory: Learning to Serve Students in Transition

Adolescents and Teens

10 Things My Mama’ Never Told Me about College

The Power of Making Good Decisions

Religious Organizations and Community

You Got Served: Learning to Lead through Servant Leadership

Thriller: When Faith and Fear Intersect

I’m Worth More Broken than Healed

Putting Away Childish Things: The Power of Your Words

I Need a Hero: Understanding Fundamentals of the Christian Faith